United Talent Agency

Corporate & Creative Office
  • Project:

    United Talent Agency
  • Architect:

    Rottet Studio
  • Location:

    Beverly Hills, CA
  • Area:

    115,000 square feet

The former Beverly Hills headquarters of Hilton Hotels was completely gutted and redesigned in a minimal and crisp aesthetic for the offices of United Talent Agency as well as a 150-seat two-level screening room consisting of isolated slab, concrete curb, structural steel bracing, doubleleaf sound doors, acoustic fabric panels and cutting-edge audio-visual technology. The 115,000-square-foot, five-floor buildout features luxury details in lacquered millwork elements and sophisticated lighting and was completed in five months. Tactful coordination was necessitated because of the simultaneous buildout within an adjacent building. Adaptability was required as design elements were reworked. And problem-solving was employed in the reworking of existing conditions to achieve the ceiling heights specified by the design team.
· Concurrent buildout of the adjacent building requiring extensive coordination.
· Several elements of the design were reviewed and reworked, especially with regards to the stairs and the screening room.
· Existing conditions needed to be altered in an effort to achieve the ceiling heights specified by the design team.