Rain Room

Art & Education
  • Project:

    Rain Room
  • Architect:

  • Location:

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Area:

    1,076 square feet

Rain Room, an environmental artwork by Random International in London, is the latest Taslimi collaboration with LACMA. This enchanting piece allows you to experience walking through rainfall, while remaining dry, as the rain inexplicably stops falling around you as you move through the space. It is a simple idea and a simple experience, but like most minimalist art, the effect can only be achieved through rigor and attention to detail in the technical preparation of the piece.
Rain Room presented planning, engineering, permitting, and construction challenges that needed to be addressed months in advance in order to meet the tight construction schedule. Prior to construction, Taslimi carefully coordinated all engineering required to operate the rain system, including structural support, motorized hoisting, and underfloor collection. The rain, filtered and recirculated to the rain ceiling, is then allowed to fall, or prevented from falling on you, because this is LA – and we don’t want to mess up your hair.