Lionsgate Entertainment

Corporate & Creative Office
  • Project:

    Lionsgate Entertainment
  • Architect:

  • Location:

    Santa Monica, CA
  • Area:

    114,000 square feet

Lionsgate headquarters presently occupies five floors at 2700 Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica. The project comprises tenant improvements to the 1st floor (21,000sf), 2nd floor (39,000sf), 3rd floor (41,500sf) and 5th floor (42,500sf). The scope was diverse in terms of conference rooms, huddle areas, open work stations, pantries, IDF Room upgrades and remodeling of the restrooms on the 1st and 5th floors.
During construction, the building remained occupied which called for careful coordination and strict phasing. Floors 2, 3 & 5 were divided into 2 phases with the 1st floor being a phase on its own. With time being of the essence, each phase was scheduled to take 8 weeks from vacating the space to hand over of the completed space. This in itself was challenging together with the need for separate permits and inspections per phase.
Team collaboration with both the subcontractors and Lionsgate personnel was of paramount importance during the execution of the work to ensure the satisfactory outcome of the sequenced construction and turnover of each phase.